Good Bye Alan…

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our beloved Alan Rickman in London.

He was a wonderful actor…..

it’s so sad….

Please, send your message for him:




  1. Avatar for Maria Teresa : 14 janvier 2016 at 6:54

    RIP Alan, great actor. Blessing from Italy.

  2. Nuestro mas sentido pesame a todos los familiares y amigos de este gran actor desde Mexico nuestras condolencias.

  3. i barely can’t believe that you leave us, RIP,mr. Rickman,you will be my « screen love » forever, my support for the family and friends,from Chile.

  4. Avatar for Betty Aslinger-Reynolds : 14 janvier 2016 at 7:06

    The world and the movie industry has lost a very talented man today .I was a big fan of him through the years.I really enjoyed his take and personality in every character he played through out the years. MY HEART GOES OUT TO HIS LOVED ONES ALSO,SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS .HE WAS AN INCREDIBLE SOUL!!!##

  5. R.I.P Alan ….you was a wonderful actor….we’ll missed you …..from Germany

  6. it’s a big tragedy for me. Almost 15 years I love this men. He was my inspiration, my ideal of men.
    My heart is broken. I can’t believe it. The first time I saw him on TV, I was 13 years old. I completely fell in love. His voice and his eyes was so magic.. He was one in a million.

    Dear Alan, I always wanted to tell you about my love and respect to you. Always dreamed to see your performance in London. But I think I have a lot of time for that. God damn… Rest in peace my eternal love and thank you for everything.

    Part of my soul is gone with you.


  7. God let you be eternally happy, thank you for your nice smile. No one could have been Severus like you
    Today, raise your wands /° to a great actor and our Snape. Remember his life and his legacy. He will be in our hearts and minds, Always. Goodbye my friend Goodbye, Alan.
    Alan Rickman

  8. Avatar for Angela Schmidt : 14 janvier 2016 at 7:21

    I’m deeply saddened by Alan Rickmans passing, and he will never, ever, be forgotten. His memories live on and on. Rest in peace and thank you for all the beautiful hours we spent with you and your movies and theatre.May God take care of your family.RIP from Barcelona.

  9. RIP, estoy muy triste al enterarme de esto uno de mis actores favoritos por siempre, parte de mi adolescencia y adultez, realmente el mundo ha perdido un excelente actor y ser humano … te extrañaremos Alan Rickman 🙁

  10. Avatar for Tainne Camila Pereira : 14 janvier 2016 at 7:22

    Grande perda… Sou uma grande fã e fico muito triste com a morte deste grande ator… 2016 perdeu a graça

  11. R.I.P. Professor Snape. Blessings from USA.

  12. It is with heart felt sorrow that you had to leave. You have effected the lives of my 3 children and myself with your wonderful gift you shared to this world. You will be missed terribly. Godspeed with your new adventures, wherever you may be and we will be praying for you and your family.

  13. I can’t believe it. I’m so sad. Can’t stop crying. 15 years ago I had the pleasure to meet him in London. He was such a nice and gently person. Thank you, Mr. Rickman for all your talent and art.

  14. Condolences to Rickman family. Directors/Screenwriters have lost one of the best. God Bless

  15. je ne parle pas bien anglais, mais je suis très touchée et triste de la perte de cet immense acteur. Une belle personnalité, avec un regard tendre qui vous transperce, malgré des rôles de dur.
    Je n’ai pas eu le bonheur de le voir lors de ses venues en Belgique, c’est un véritable regret. Vous me manquez déjà , Monsieur Rickman.

  16. Sleep well Alan…..the world will not be a better place without your presence

  17. Professor snape, thanks for being a beloved man on our tv screens for all these years. You were a joy. I watched you as I grew up and now we shall watch you to keep your memory alive. Now you’re at peace. Forever a slytherin.

    -Always, kassie.

  18. RIP ALAN RICKMAN, a very great actor and a great man, i am very sad (triste) from france

  19. Rest in peace Alan. Thank you so much for everything. I promise i will be reading Harry Potter when im 80 years old, for you. Severus Snape has been one of my favorite characters since i can tell. We love you. Sending my thoughts. I am hoping that you’re smiling with the angels up there.

  20. R.I.P. Alan, we will miss You so much… :'(

  21. RIP Alan, you a great actor. Greetings from Radebeul Germany.

  22. My deepest sympathy. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and his friends. He was a great artist that will be missed terribly. May you now find peace.

  23. Avatar for Josef Lundström : 14 janvier 2016 at 8:08

    Rest in Peace Alan. One of the greatest actors of our time… Somtimes when you have see an actor i many different movies you get a feeling for a person. It felt like Alan was a man with a genuine, good and generous personality.

  24. I didn’t think to be so touch or even cry. But we already miss you M. Rickman. A great man, a great actor on stage and cinema screen. Tribute in the language of Shakespeare as good as possible for you. Thanks for all. Coralie From France

  25. One of the greatest actors :'( ! RIP legend ! You’ll always be in our hearts :'( :'(

  26. Alan Rickman. The greatest man and actor of all the time. What a lost to this world. Another legend has gone away. It’s a shame I couldn’t meet you before this has happened. My favourite actor. I’ve been always a fan of Harry Potter and you’re the reason why I loved Severus Snape. Thank you for once being a big part of my childhood.
    Hope you’re in better place now. I’ll truly miss you.
    I’m rising my wand for you. Rest in peace. /*

  27. I am literally heartbroken. He was such a sweet man. So sad that he is gone. Praying for his family.

  28. Thank you Alan Rickman. Thank you professor Snape.You was a great actor.We all love you~Blessings from Taiwan.

  29. I am truly saddened by his passing. He was a phenomenal actor and just such a wonderful person. I loved hearing his insights on life and the roles he played. The Sheriff of Nottingham is one of my all time favorite screen roles. And no on could have played Snape as brilliantly as he did. He will be missed.

  30. Such an amazing human being. So honoured to have you as my inspiration.
    Always be remembered.

  31. Avatar for : 14 janvier 2016 at 8:42
  32. So sad to hear it. Rest in peace Alan! =( I was hoping one day I may have a chance to meet you, but now it’s too late for it.
    Fan from Poland.

  33. He was one of the best actors for me. And he will always be. /* Blessings from Czech Republic.

  34. Avatar for Heike Matienzo : 14 janvier 2016 at 8:56

    The world will never quite be the same… Now Severus is truly gone. Bon Voyager, friend…

  35. You will always be remembered as you were one of the greatest actors on stage and screen. « After all this tme? » « Always. »
    R.I.P. Alan Rickam

  36. Avatar for Melissa Lewis : 14 janvier 2016 at 9:09

    I’m deeply saddened by the loss of Alan Rickman.
    RIP Professor. #ALWAYS #CancerSUCKS

  37. We have lost one of the greatest and most gifted talents

  38. The world has lost another star… far to soon… he was such a gift…

  39. He was one of the best actors for me. And he will always be. He was an wonderful person too. I wanted to meet you, dear Alan, but it’s too late. /* Blessings from France.

  40. RIP Alan Rickman
    We will all miss you, and continue to love you, and hope the best to your family and friends,
    From Erin

  41. Thank you for everything, Alan. Thank you for Severus Snape, Colonel Brendon, Garry and other. Thank you for voice, eyes and smile. My support for the family and friends from Ukraine.

  42. Avatar for Steven Dodds : 14 janvier 2016 at 9:19

    R I P Alan Rickman AKA SNAPE

  43. RIP sir
    You were an inspiration to all evil and good in HP to love the you couldn’t have. To protect the one you couldn’t love.

    You will always be remembered by me as a teacher who tried to be there

  44. Avatar for Anne GAMEL-HELFENSTEIN : 14 janvier 2016 at 9:48

    Alan… Alan… WHY ? It’s unfair. I loved you so much. I will miss you truly, madly, deeply. RIP Prayers for your family. Sadness from France.

  45. Dear sir,
    You were the best actor and the best man I’ve ever met.
    You left this world,
    but your inheritance
    will remain here forever.


  46. My childhood memories will always have pictures of professor Snape in it.
    Thank you for the wonderful childhood and even better memories.
    Goodbye sir and rest in holy peace.

    Belgrade, Serbia.

  47. We will miss you Alan. Your personas will linger through eternity. A wonderful actor. Dave

  48. Avatar for Richard Wallbank : 14 janvier 2016 at 10:12

    Thanks for the special talent you brought to some of my favourite movies you where a blast I’ll miss you, God Bless.

  49. Such a great loss, a gem, a genuine being, so very talented ,who left us with such gifts by his presence, unforgettable

  50. Avatar for Olga Ivanyushina : 14 janvier 2016 at 10:27

    I love you so much Alan Rickman! You always stay alive for me! In my eyes! In my ears! In my heart! let it be, that in heaven you will feel that millions hearts love you and millions souls hurt because you left us. Rest in peace.

  51. I want to say that i really love you,you make me dream with Harry Potter,you were an amazing actor,thank you so much for all the mémories,you live forever in our heart,goodbye.

  52. You were a bright star, and always will be.

  53. Avatar for Shelley welsford : 14 janvier 2016 at 10:43

    Goodbye Alan. I have grown up Watching your films. I have loved everything you have been in.
    You were in my heart from the first time I saw you in truly madly deeply.
    The world is missing it’s superstar.
    Love you forever, your number 1 fan,
    Shelley x x x x

  54. Goodbye Alan…
    Eternal gratitude for the characters you’ve made coming alive and all the masterpieces you created. Earth is inexpressible sad by your loss but Heaven will be excited to welcome you aboard…
    Regards, Johan from Belgium

  55. You were a phenomenal actor, you were in an important part of childhood and life of many people, you won’t be forgotten, Professor Severus Snape won’t be forgotten, rest in peace Alan Rickman.
    Condolences from Mexicali, México.

  56. « And it’s a human need to be told stories. The more we’re governed by idiots and have no control over our destinies, the more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are, why we are, where we come from, and what might be possible. »

    You were so inspiring, you gave us so many emotions. You were an amazing actor, and you will definitely be missed by so many people. Your stories will always be remembered. Rest In Peace.

  57. He was such an amazing and fascinating actor. I will miss him so dearly! Rest in Peace Alan Rickman. You will always remain in my heart and memories.

    With love,
    Abigail AO
    From the Netherlands

  58. We will miss you… Always…

  59. Alan, thank you so much for all your talent. Harry Potter series, Love Actually, Michael Collins, Sense and Sensibility and Robin Hood Prince of thieves, five films than I Love, five films that you gave the best of you. This is a sad day for all your fans. RIP Alan Rickman. My thoughts are with your family. We love you.
    From Asturias, Spain.

  60. Thank’s for all, Alan!
    In memory after all of this time…

  61. God bless your soul… I will miss not only your voice but you. Lots of love from me to heaven. Marketka, Czech Republic

  62. Avatar for Lizzy Spinetta : 14 janvier 2016 at 11:27

    Profesor Snape : »( no se que decir pero su muerte ha tocado mi corazon, Usted jamas morira en los corazones de las personas que lo llegamos a amar y a valorar porque mas alla de interpretar un papel para muchos usted nos dio leccion de vida. Cuantos hombres en el mundo aman de verdad? Estoy muy apenada, mis condolencias a la famila, a la esposa a esa valiente mujer que siempre estuvo alli apoyandolo y siendo siempre su brazo derecho.

    Por siempre vivira en nuestros corazones y memorias Profesor Severus Snape

  63. You were one of the best! I’m in deep mourning…
    RIP Alan!

  64. Rest in peace Alan and my condolences to your family. You will be very much missed with that voice like dark, smooth, rich chocolate and the best red wine. My first ever real crush was on Alan when I was 14 and I saw him on Barchester chronicles.

  65. One of the reasons why I wanted to be an actor was because of this man. I have always loved his movies and enjoyed the characters that he portrayed on screen. We all celebrate the life of Alan Rickman and the legacy he has left behind and send our prayers and thoughts to Alan’s family and friends during this difficult time.

    Rest in Peace, Alan Rickman.

  66. I am devastated by his death and I still can’t believe he’s gone. I loved him so much, I cried as if I lost a friend. I will miss you forever, my sweet, lovely, beautiful Alan Rickman. Sleep well.

  67. Avatar for Colleen Kennelly : 15 janvier 2016 at 12:11

    I am so shocked to hear of Mr. Rickman’s death. From the first time I saw him in Die Hard I was an absolute fan. He could do anything from villain to hero, always with grace and good humor. I’ll miss him, but treasure the work he’s left us to remember him by. Thank you.

  68. I just loved your caracters and your voice! I will miss you!

  69. We miss you from Latvia! You are the best Severus Snape in the whole world. Love you.
    P.S. Its sad for me to hear such fu..king news, that You died. It will change me…..

  70. Mr. Alan:

    I am sad about your passing but at least we can still watch you in your móvies.

    You will NEVER be forgotten.

    *Blows a kiss to the sky and cries*

    My sincere condolences to your family and friends, Im sure you de now with God and the ángeles, rest in peace.

  71. You were a wonderful actor, who brought depth and intellect to your characters. Colonel Brandon will forever be my favorite romantic character. I send my deepest sympathy to your family and friends. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

  72. (For a special birthday gift, years ago, my husband bought tickets for Private Lives, and took me New York just to see you; you were amazing).

  73. Obrigada pela enorme contribuição para com o cinema, teatro e tv. Descanse agora, pois seu trabalho aqui foi de extrema excelência. Obrigada.



  74. Avatar for Debbi Brulè : 15 janvier 2016 at 2:08

    Alan, I’d Like to Know What Dieing, and Traveling to « Heaven » is Like. if You Could, Send a Sign if You Read this.

  75. Avatar for Amanda Dills : 15 janvier 2016 at 2:13

    It breaks my heart to see such a wonderful actor leave us. I am happy you are set free of the chains of cancer. I remember many of the characters you played as over the years. You are greatly missed by the this world. I pray for your friends and family.
    Rest in Peace Alan

  76. So sad to say goodbye to a man who has impacted so many. My family loves Harry Potter as a whole, and we love Alan as Snape so very much. I’ve shared this series with my girls their whole life and they love it almost to a fault. I shared the sad news with them (they are 12 and 10) today. They both cried, raw emotion that broke my heart. Thank you Alan, for all the memories, in all you’ve done! You touched so many, young and old. RIP, we will remember you….Always…

  77. « After all this time? »
    « Always. »

  78. Alan: as a member of the public, there was never an opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated your work, and the fully developed characters you showed us. Most of all, I appreciated the human strengths and frailty every one of them exhibited. Thank you for the kind gift of your talent, your time, and the fond memories I have.

  79. Avatar for Daniel Machiaroli : 15 janvier 2016 at 3:40

    Una pérdida irreparable. Un extraordinario actor y excelente persona. Como dijo Daniel Radcliffe, sin Alan el treatro y el cine serán mas pobres. Te vamos a recordar como en los mejores momentos que nos has hecho vivir con tus magníficos personajes, todos tus fans desde Argentina. Mis condolencias a su familia y amigos.

  80. Alan was a truly gifted actor and will be missed immensely. I loved him in the many rles he played but especially as Severus Snape. May he R.I.P and many condolences for his family.

  81. I’m in shock. I am so sorry! Sending prayers to his family and friends!

  82. So sorry to hear that a great actor of my time had passed away. My condolences go out to his family and friends. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten.. R.I.P Alan Rickman

  83. Avatar for Grecia Osorio : 15 janvier 2016 at 7:37

    I’ll miss you great Sir Rickman and all your charaters, u was a trully inspiration for me what a great soul and handsome, talented human such a bless to enjoy in this world my condolences for your beautifull family and ur wife thanks for everything Professor Severus
    – Máximus lumos-
    im so sad …
    condolences from Venezuela

  84. So painfull to say goodbye to you.
    I will always love and respect you.
    « Always… »

    R.I.P. my sir Alan

  85. Good bye, mr. Rickman ( You will be always alive in my memories and in immortal results of your hard work for creation unforgettable characters. Rest in peace…

  86. I have been deeply saddened to hear about the death of Alan. He has been my favorite actor for nearly 15 years now and I will always enjoy his movies. I highly respected his work and all the different characters he created over the years. Colonel Brandon is still my favorite. Alan will be sorely missed forever, but his movies will make him alive. He was such an outstanding, gentle soul with incomparable humor, intellect and voice.
    My thoughts and prayers got out to his family and friends. I share your pian.

    Regards from Germany

  87. You were such a great actor…and your Piton was my childhood!

    Always in our heart.


  88. Alan Rickman
    As a fan of his act, voice, everything I felt so sad yesterday..
    He was the ‘British’ the Actor’, the ‘Prof. Snape’
    Rest In Peace my mentor of love
    you showed me a real love

    Always remember you Rickman.

  89. You have made my childhood magical by playing the role as Professor Severus Snape. You were an amazing actor and beloved by fans all around the world. R.I.P Alan.

    You will be remembered forever in our hearts…Always. I hope you are in a better place now.

  90. rest in peace alan …..

    hare Krishna

  91. So sorry to hear these terrible news.. One of the greatest actors of all times! You’ll be missed! Always…
    Blessings from Russia.

  92. Avatar for Heike Mißbach : 15 janvier 2016 at 11:33

    My soul will going with you.I hope you found a wonderful place in haben. R.I.P. Alan

  93. I’m so sad and have just tears but no words. Blessings for him and for his family.

  94. Avatar for Ritesh Jaiswal : 15 janvier 2016 at 2:33

    Man who taught LOVE not POTIONS, showed LOYALTY not FEAR, take RISK OF LIFE not DARK SIDE. By TEARS who showed the world his brilliant ACTING SKILLS , Now makes us to cry……….REST IN PEACE, ALAN RICKMAN

  95. All our thoughts and love is with this great mans family and friends. He still lives within our hearts, and we will never forget him. May he Rest in Peace.

  96. There are no words to express my sorrow at the loss of Alan Rickman. May his family find some solace in the fact that he will was deeply loved as an actor and will be greatly missed. R.I.P. Alan Rickman

  97. What a sad sad day! You will be so missed Alan Rickman by so many people! Thank you for your many wonderful performances!!!

  98. You truly were one of the greatest actors ever. There will never be another like you. You will be sorely missed forever.

  99. You are the best Severus Snape ever. Rest in peace with that beautiful smile. I will miss you so much. Sleep tight, Alan.

  100. Avatar for Andrea Turner -Boys : 15 janvier 2016 at 5:56

    Our hearts are heavy that you have left us and yet there is joy as we can remember you and honor you by the body of work you have left us. we are so lucky to have had such a talented artist as you
    Much love to your family

  101. I feel so sad.. Alan, you were one of the most talented and gifted actor on stage and screen. You Will always be missed by your family, friends and your fans. And like JKR said in Harry Potter: « After all this time ? » « Always ». May you are in peace where ever you are. Blessings from France.

  102. Avatar for Маринв : 16 janvier 2016 at 6:28

    Алан, мой любимый актёр… Ужасная потеря. Мне будет не хватать тебя. Ты навсегда останешься в моём сердце. Молимся о тебе. Россия.

  103. Wonderful actor. Amazing man with beautiful voice.
    I can’t put into words how great sadness overwhelmed me.

    My thoughts and heart are with Rima.
    Rest in Peace Alan.

    We will never forget You !

  104. Artist

    Rest in Peace, Alan

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